Children's Eye Health

As a parent, you may wonder whether your preschooler has a vision problem or when you should schedule your child's first eye exam.

Did you know eye disorders are the most common long-term health problems for children, along with allergies and asthma?* Good vision is important for a child’s educational, physical and social development.

Children who are struggling with undetected vision problems often fail to progress well in school. You can use the following checklist to look for the common symptoms that children with vision problems exhibit.

Vision doesn't just happen. A child's brain learns how to use eyes to see, just like it learns how to use legs to walk or a mouth to form words. The longer a vision problem goes undiagnosed and untreated, the more a child's brain learns to accommodate the vision problem.

That's why a comprehensive eye examination is so important for children. Early detection and treatment provide the very best opportunity to correct vision problems, so your child can learn to see clearly.  Make sure your child has the best possible tools to learn successfully.

Luckily, The team at Eye & Health in New York City is skilled in pediatric eye exam services designed specifically for the needs of children, helping to prevent vision problems so children and teens can enjoy optimal eye health.

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