Frame your Face – The right way!

Frame your Face – The right way!

Choices, choices and more choices- there are so many (fabulous) different options to

choose from when it comes to eyewear, and finding that perfect pair can become a

game of trial and error. Luckily at Eye & Health, we have a wide selection of frames to

suit every face shape and every style.

Eyeglasses should enhance—not conceal—your face. Try going for a pair of glasses

that is the opposite from the shape of your face. This helps in balancing the features of

your face. We broke down the different face shapes to help you find your perfect fit

when it comes to eyewear.


Possibly the easiest face shape to find frames for, the symmetry of an oval face works

with nearly every sunglass silhouette and is usually well balanced in the jawline and

cheekbone area.

Look for: Unique shapes and oversized frames. Have fun with it!

We Love: Andy Wolf, Prada


The square face shape is marked by a wide forehead and defined jaw line. The key for

squares is to find frames that allow their architectural features to shine.

Look for: Go for softer shapes. They’ll make the face look longer and draw the eye to

the center of the face.

We love: Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Bevel Eyewear


A unique silhouette with elegant, feminine lines, the heart-shaped face has wider

temples that narrow to a smaller chin. Cheekbones are generally high and angled. Try

to find a pair of glasses that balances out your face.

Look for: Frames that draw attention to the eyes: cat eye shapes accentuate


We Love: Prada, LGR


The round face shape is almost as wide as it is tall. With fuller chees and a rounded

chin, round faces are usually proportional in width and length.

Look for: Square frames to showcase the strong angular shapes.

We Love: Ice Berlin, Matsuda

Most importantly find a pair of glasses, that you feel good and confident; it is accessory

for your eye after all. All designers, styles and frames available at Eye and Health, NYC!

Karine B

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