October is eye safety month



More than 85% of a child’s learning is based on vision.

Identifying eye health issues at this age is critical, as they can begin to affect children’s critical learning gaps and are very likely to arise in these critical developmental ages.

One in five children has a vision disorder. Not knowing any differently, many of these children accept poor vision and other eye problems as normal.

Not all children’s eye conditions have obvious symptoms. The best way to protect your child’s eye health is having regular eye exams performed by an eye doctor.

The BCDO (BC Doctors of Optometry) encourages parents to have their child’s eyes examined by an optometrist at 6 months, 3 years, then at least annually after that until age 20 (BC MSP covers children eye exams even as frequently as every six months due to the ever changing status of a child’s constantly developing visual system): Eye exams for those under 19 years of age are 100% covered by your BC Care card with no copay or out of pocket expense to you. Furthermore, only at Image Optometry can you participate in our unique `Gift of Sight` program where those in need will also receive completely free prescription eye glasses if required. Early intervention means a better prognosis and usually requires a far less aggressive treatment.


Has your child had their 1st eye exam yet? If not, schedule one now during children’s vision month to make sure your child does not have a vision disorder. Eye exams at Image Optometry are fun, and quick and painless! Your child doesn’t need to know their A-B-C’s or even talk yet, our eye doctors have other ways of accurately determining what your child can see.


Given that Halloween is right around the corner, a child’s checklist should include:

The best way to ensure your child maintains good vision throughout life is to set a good example by making eye health (and eye health checks) part of your routine.

Karine B

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