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Congratulations to Kitty for completing her vision therapy program at Eye and Health! Kitty had been suffering from headaches and eyestrain during reading and near tasks due to a common eye coordination disorder called convergence insufficiency. After 16 weeks of vision therapy, Kitty has advanced to the highest level in all therapy exercises and has gained superior eye coordination skills! With hard work and dedication, Kitty is now able to read and complete all her schoolwork without eyestrain or headaches.


So what is vision therapy

Vision therapy is a type of eye training intended to correct vision problems that can interfere with reading and learning for children and adults alike. Practitioners say that wearing glasses or contact lenses may help adults and kids see clearly, but it doesn’t treat underlying issues with the way their brains take in visual information. Advocates of vision therapy claim that eye exercises can correct problems with visual processing.


How does it work?

Vision therapy uses eye exercises to treat vision problems that can affect reading and learning.

A complete exam tests factors like visual acuity, which is the term for sharpness or clarity of vision. The exam also looks for lazy eye (amblyopia) and other problems such as convergence insufficiency (CI) that can affect the eyes’ ability to focus on a nearby object.

Depending on the adult’s or child’s issues, therapy may be recommended for three months to a year. The therapist may also prescribe eye exercises the child can do at home with the parents’ supervision.


Who Provides Vision Therapy

Optometrists may prescribe some types of eye exercises to treat CI and other eye conditions. Treating vision problems can make reading more comfortable.


If you think you or your child is suffering from visual impairment of learning disability, visual therapy may be the answer, contact us today for a one on one consultation.

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