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Today's eyeglasses are lighter weight and more comfortable than ever before. Eye & Health is a leading provider of durable, comfortable, fashionable eyeglasses for New York City patients with all types of vision issues, including specialty frames and lenses to address a broad array of needs.

Eyeglasses Q & A

Eye and Health

Is it OK to use reading glasses from a drugstore?

Reading glasses from a drugstore may seem like a good, inexpensive solution for aging eyes that may be having trouble focusing on printed words. But reading glasses from a drugstore or other store have serious shortcomings. First, they use one magnification for both lenses, and most people have distinctly different vision needs in each eye. As a result, some vision issues can worsen in people who wear “readers,” and other problems like chronic headaches and eyestrain can persist or become exacerbated. Lens quality and frame construction also tend to be very inferior compared to professionally-crafted frames and lenses. And second, some types of blurry vision or problems focusing can be related to underlying issues that require an eye exam to treat to avoid permanent vision loss or other problems. Any vision issues – even one from the “normal” changes of aging – needs to be evaluated promptly by an eye doctor.

Does Eye & Health carry specialty eyewear and designer eyewear?

Yes, Eye & Health has one of the most exhaustive collections of eyewear in the area, so patients can find their ideal lenses without having to make a special trip to an eyeglass store. Eye & Health has designer frames, glasses specifically or sports and other activities, lightweight titanium frames, and specialty lenses for all types of vision needs, including lenses for bright sun and fluorescent lighting. Special lenses and frames specifically designed for children are also available.

What are some signs that indicate I might need glasses?

The most visible signs include problems seeing objects close-up or at a distance, persistently blurry vision, problems focusing when reading or using the computer, or issues like glare or halo. Other symptoms that may not be as obvious include dry eyes, watery eyes, eye fatigue and chronic headaches. Any of these issues warrants an evaluation by a doctor at Eye & Health to determine if glasses are needed.

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