5 Reasons you should visit your optometrist annually.

1. Changes To Your Vision 

Your vision constantly changes over time. Even if you are able to see from 20 feet away, your near vision can change or viceversa. You won't know that your vision has changed, unless you attend your annual eye exam '

2. Eye Diseases

Annual eye exams check for underlying eye diseases that show no symptoms in their early stages 

3. Overall Health

By attending your annual eye exam, our doctors will not only check your eyes, but your overall health 

4. Digital Eye Strain 

When we stare at a screen for long periods of time, we blink way slower resulting in dry eye symptoms and eye strain. At your annual eye exam, our doctors can help you deal with these issues. 

5. Changing Eyecare Technology 

We are living in a time when sight-saving technology is changing at an astonishing rate. Conditions once considered untreatable are now able to be corrected with cutting-edge technology. Just a few years ago, someone with wet macular degeneration would have lost most, if not all of their vision, but now we can help them with sight-saving medications. So even if you've been told in the past that your condition was untreatable, technology may have changed that. Only with a comprehensive dilated eye exam can you know for sure. 

You only have 2 eyes! Sight does more than let you see what is in front of you. It allows you to safely live your life to the fullest with the ones you love. 

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