How Ortho-K Enhances Eye Comfort and Reduces Dryness

Dry eye syndrome can cause irritation and pain. This condition results from insufficient tear production or poor tear quality. The National Center for Biotechnology Information states that ortho-k lenses can help with dry eye syndrome. Knowing how this is possible can help you set up an appointment with your eye doctor right away. Here are the details:

When Soft Lens Wearing Causes Dry Eyes

Statistics show that many soft contact lens wearers stop wearing their prescription lenses. The reason behind this is the discomfort and dryness that they experience. Wearing scleral lenses for dry eyes can protect the cornea from abrasions. You can wear these lenses with or without wetting the lenses with eyedrops. Scleral lenses allow the cornea to receive hydration while preventing the corneal surface from touching your eyelids.

Those who have been wearing soft lenses for a long time often tell their eye doctors that they cannot wear their lenses for a whole day anymore. Irritation and dryness often develop over time. These symptoms worsen because of long screen time or exposure to air conditioning. This is when your eye doctor may recommend ortho-k lenses.

What Ortho-K Lenses Do

You must wear your ortho-k lenses while you sleep. These lenses can correct eye issues such as myopia. They also have a wet surface, which is why your eyes will not suffer from dehydration. Ortho-k lenses seal your eyes as well, preventing tear film evaporation while you sleep.

Reducing or eliminating tear film evaporation improves the symptoms of lens-induced dry eye syndrome. Ortho-K lenses redistribute the surface cells of the corneal cover. This flattens the center of your cornea. When this happens, the cornea allows the light to focus on your retina and not in front of it.

Research reveals that most patients start seeing better in the first few days of ortho-k treatment. Wearing these lenses for 10 to 14 days often provides the clearest vision. You need to wear these lenses based on your eye doctor’s recommendation. The wear time will depend on your corneal tissue, refractive issues, and corneal shape. Your vision will stabilize after one to two months of wearing ortho-k lenses.

For Dry Eye Patients

If you have mild dry eye symptoms, you will reap the benefits of ortho-k lenses. Wearing them while you sleep allows you to have contacts while your eyes are closed. This keeps your tear film from evaporating. You can then achieve better vision the next day without experiencing dryness or irritation.

The Benefits of Ortho-K Lenses

Children, teens, or adults can achieve better vision with more comfort because ortho-k lenses are custom-fit. This FDA-approved treatment is non-surgical, and the effects are reversible. Even so, you can choose to wear these contacts overnight if you play sports, go on adventures, or suffer from seasonal allergies during the day.

Ortho-k lenses can treat your dry eye symptoms, which results in a more comfortable contact lens-wearing experience. At Eye & Health, we provide high-quality eye care products and services. Visit our facility in New York, New York, or call 212-228-0950 to set an appointment.