The Lifelong Benefits of Eye Exams

The American Association of Retired Persons believes in maintaining regular eye exams. This healthy routine can bring you many benefits throughout your life. Understanding these lifelong benefits can motivate you to keep your eye-check appointments. Here are the details:



Stops You From Switching Glasses While Reading


Research reveals that most people begin to develop presbyopia at around 40 years old. This eye condition reduces your eye’s ability to change focus and shape. You find yourself unable to read things close to your face anymore. You need to hold the material at arm’s length to see it better. Presbyopia worsens when you reach 55.


You must talk to your eye doctor about progressive lenses or prescription reading glasses. These vision aids can improve your depth perception. You must let your eye doctor know if you are at risk for falls. That way, you can receive the right type of eyeglasses for your needs.



Prevents Vision Loss and Damage


Studies show that most cases of vision loss are preventable. Regular eye checks can limit or even prevent damage from specific eye ailments. These visits can correct your vision for your daily activities. They can keep you safe from falls and slow the progression of eye ailments that can lead to vision loss.



Detects Underlying Eye Health Issues


Some eye conditions do not have obvious symptoms. Eye exams give your eye doctor the opportunity to see the inside of your eye. Inspecting your optic nerve, retina, and lens can lead to the diagnosis of serious eye ailments such as melanomas, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Through pupil dilation, your doctor can start the necessary treatments right away.



Helps Check Your General Health



In your eyes are tiny blood vessels and nerves. By examining these structures, your eye doctor can determine if you have chronic ailments, such as diabetes. The detection of these conditions can lead to necessary referrals and treatments.



May End Eyeglass Wearing 


Cataracts can develop early. Eye exams can detect this eye condition right away. Treatments can begin as soon as possible. Cataract surgery can free you from wearing corrective eyeglasses. This procedure will take about an hour, and healing will take a few days. New techniques can lead to the omission of post-op eye drops.



Helps Prevent Vision Loss in Diabetics


A yearly eye exam is necessary for people with diabetes. The high level of blood glucose can damage the delicate blood vessels in your eyes, causing them to leak and bleed into your retina. This can result in vision loss. Early detection of diabetic retinopathy can lead to its reversal. A late diagnosis can be difficult to reverse. Your eye health can even reveal the health status of your kidneys.



Keeps an Eye on Your Aging Vision


Your vitreous starts to shrink because of aging. As it shrinks, it may end up separating from your retina. The depletion of this gel-like substance can cause flashes and floaters. Regular eye exams can help your eye doctor keep an eye on a possible retinal tear, which can lead to vision loss.


Regular eye exams can help you enjoy your vision and eye health for a long time. At Eye & Health, we believe that good vision is an important part of one’s general health and well-being. Feel free to visit our clinic in New York, New York, for a one-on-one consultation. Please call or text 212-228-0950 to set up an appointment or ask about our eye exam packages.